Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa!.... and other Christmas goings on.

Yesterday we took the kids to visit Santa. Sabrina was soooo excited! Aidan is still too little to really get the whole things but he liked seeing the reindeer and the giant Christmas tree that they had at Santa's village. Aidan was not to thrilled to sit on Santa's lap, but Sabrina hopped right up there and told Santa what she wants: a baby doll and a rocket ship for Aidan. I think it helped that Sabrina has been watching "The Polar Express" nearly once a day for the past 2 weeks. It's really fun this year since it's the first year that she really seems to get the whole Santa idea. She keep telling us that Santa is going to come and bring presents for all of us and that we are going to bake cookies for him because he gets hungry going to all those houses.

The season is definitely in full swing. earlier yesterday we went to have our Christmas play date with some of Sabrinas little girl friends. always so much fun!

Maggie, Hailey, Sarah, Brianna and Sabrina all had a good time and exchanged presents.

Tonight I am headed to a Christmas party for some of the provisionals of The Junior League, should be a great time! This week is also busy with things to get ready for Christmas and this weekend Sabrina, Aidan and I will be going to granmas house to bake cookies and make fudge for our family and friends! The home stretch to Christmas is officially here!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy few days!

First off, we had Thanksgiving. I host and cook most of the food and have been doing this for the 6th year this year! Always so much fun to have the family and some good friends come over and stuff themselves silly and then wind down the evening with some games of some sort (this year it was Rock Band II) Here's the lovely 28 pound turkey.......

Yes, 28 pounds! It was larger than some of the children in attendance, and as you can see, was falling off the bone it was so tender. Love me some turkey! Here is the one somewhat decent family shot we got that day...

Next on the weekend agenda was Kevin's birthday. His actual birthday was the day before Thanksgiving so we decided to celebrate on Friday night since my mom took the kiddos to spend the night at her house. We ate at Fireside Pies, delicious! And then went to have a drink and play pool at a favorite local haunt.

Fun was had by all, a little too much fun was had a by a few, but hangovers go away and we have some great memories! Saturday night I went with Ronda to go see Aaron Watson play at Gilleys, forgot my camera :( Oh well, next time. And Sunday I shopped for things for the reception I am helping to host here at my house this Saturday. It's for my BIL and SIL, they got married on a cruise a few weeks ago so we are throwing them a little party. Sunday I also took some pics of the kids for our Christmas cards, which trying to wrangle two toddlers is near impossible! Out of nearly 250 shots taken, I only got one of them together that would work for anything! Whew! So that was my last four days in a nut shell. Looking forward to the hustle and bustle of the holidays!