Thursday, August 13, 2009

First dentist visit!

So I have been wanting to post this since last week but we have had some trouble with our computer lately and this delayed me getting the pictures up. So here it finally is...
On Aug. 6th the kids both had their first dentist visit. I know, I know, Sabrina probably should have gone before now since shes 3 1/3, but time seems to get away sometimes. We went to Dr. Pearson, a pediatric dentist here in town. His office was decorated so kid friendly, video games, toys, books, and they also had this cute sign welcoming all the new patients that day.

Both kids had their teeth cleaned by the hygienist and checked by the dentist and they LOVED the whole thing.

They both got a clean bill of tooth health from the doctor as well as lots of praise for being such good patients. Sabrina didn't want to get out of the chair and both of them hopped right up for their turns! There was a four year old girl there at the same time who was not as thrilled to be there but the staff was caring and warm and found a way to take care of her all the same. I have to say is that this doctor and his staff were all amazing and I look forward to them taking care of my kids chompers!