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Procrasinating parent award goes to......

Me! Yes, we are now into April. Yes, Aidans birthday was March 9th. No, I did not blog about. Yes, I am doing it now. Bad mommy! Very bad!

Okay  here goes, Aidan had for several months wanted his party at McDonalds, so we set it up at the one right down the street from our house. Love having birthdays somewhere other than my house when it comes to having to wrangle 15 kids under the age of  5. No mess and less stress for me makes mommy a happy girl, and when mommy's a happy girl, well, you know.

Aidan was also adamant that it be a Cars themed party. Aidan is very much a boy. He loves his hotwheels and can spend hours playing with them, he even sleeps with them. He gets excited to see the garbage truck and school buses on the road. It's very intriguing to watch, since Sabrina had no interest in those things, and I also being a girl, could really care less as well. It is the evolution of a boy, and it is alien to me. I never had brothers that I grew up with to watch how early boy-ness starts. Case in point, the other evening as I was tucking Aidan into bed he was giggling and I asked him what he was laughing at. His reply " My hienis is sticking out of my pants!" me, "your what?!?!" him, "My Hienis, hahahaha!". At this point I realize he is trying to say penis and has somehow come up with a conglomeration of penis+hiney to describe his little boy parts.
I reach down, and find out sure enough the tip is sticking out of the top of his pants, I help him put it back in his pants so he doesn't wake up to pee in his face at 3am, and he giggles the whole time. Boys! Never had to do that with my daughter. And apparently penis, butt and fart humor starts at about 3 years old with men, no wonder we can't break them of their many years long habit when we date them later in life.

So back to the party, got off on a bit of a tangent about life with a boy. We had it at McDonalds, his little friends came, we had balloons and a Cars cake and party favors. He was happy. Enjoy the following pictures. The End. 

No really, theres not a whole lot of excitement to a 3 year old birthday party....

The last 3 pics were taken on his actual b-day, when we went to Chuck E. Cheese and then for ice cream.  My Sweet little man! 3 Years old!